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Doors 7:30pm / Music 8:00pm
$10.00 Admission (unless otherwise noted)
Cat in the Cradle Coffeehouse

Performer Booking information:
Our coffeehouse season runs from September through May and
we book performers in advance during the
summer for the
upcoming season. For consideration, artists should submit an
electronic press kit or link to their website in June.





                              Marina Evans

A brave composer, performer, and traveler, Marina Evans combines strong,
sultry vocals with traditional folk americana and an indie pop edge to
create a sound that is all her own. Her studio work deftly combines
various styles, genres, and instrumentation – from sweet ballads to folk
anthems to straight up rock and roll – and paints a picture of a versatile
and passionate artist.

Beginning her career as a teenager performing the American Songbook in
a jazz duo, Evans found her voice as a songwriter while in college in New
York City. Teaching herself folk guitar and mixing it with the jazz
inflections she had honed in her voice – an aspect of her sound she still
preserves today, performing not only as a songwriter but also with several
big bands around New England – led to a unique blend of genres that she
has refined over countless hours on the road, the stage, and in the studio.
December 12, 2015
                      Hayley Sabella

Hayley Sabella is a singer-songwriter / local farmer / independent woman
/ dork. She is a child of the nineties who plays a children’s guitar from
the sixties. Standing 5’2”, she bellows “I’m big on the inside!”

Her voice is described as “honeyed, but with a mild rasp” and it’s the first
thing you may notice. But with the learned ability to combine finger-style
picking with rhythmic strumming patterns, she hollows out the space for
her careful lyrics to resonate, making you feel both earthbound and
January 9, 2016
                         Lynne Taylor

Lynne Taylor has been an important musical voice in New England for
nearly 30 years. Her music has evolved as she has, and is always pushing
conventions and boundaries in the realm of social and personal
awareness. Her lyrics range from dark and moody to hopeful and uplifting.
She is different from any of her contemporaries – there is really no
comparison to be made, either musically or lyrically. The daughter of a
folk musician and a poet, Lynne grew up in Kent, Ohio during the sixties
and seventies, and absorbed the social consciousness of that time. She
has always felt that music was her calling. She began writing her own
songs at the age of fourteen, and has been performing professionally ever
since in a wide variety of genres ranging from bluegrass to punk rock and
everything in between.  Lynne’s music is characterized by poignant,
brutally honest songwriting combined with a powerful vocals and unique
piano accompaniment.  A staple on the music scene in her adopted
hometown of Newburyport, MA, she has been performing professionally
across the northeastern US since 1985.
February 13, 2016
                              Adam Payne

There is no mistaking the sultry sounds of Adam Payne. By the age of 8,
Payne drew his musical inspiration not from haughty music teachers, such
as Mozart or Beethoven, but from Saturday morning cartoons, Sonic the
Hedgehog and Mario. Adam picked up the piano as he mimicked the music
from cartoons and video games. During his senior year of High School he
took on the drums, and later in college, he picked up the guitar. Payne
has shared the show-bill with the Avett Brothers, Slim Kid Tre from the
Pharcyde, Ghost Face Killa, Ben Harper and other notable performers.  He
has collaborated with Artists all over the globe, and lends his writing,
production and vocal talents to projects across many genres including
producing and composing the music for a documentary film about the
Rwandan Genocide entitled ‘Coexist.’

Adam is also active in the community, and supports a myriad of causes.  
Payne is the founder of the Benefit for Jane, a cause which raises funds
and awareness of Kidney Cancer in honor of his late mother and is
sponsored by the Kidney Cancer Association.  On three separate
occasions, Payne was featured on CBS Channel 4 Boston’s ‘Sundays with
Liz Walker’ and he was also generously recognized in the Boston Globe. In
addition, Payne attended the MIDEM Music Conference in Cannes, France
where he spoke on a panel about brands and their interest in
independent artists.
March 12, 2016
              Poor Howard Stith & Bullfrog

“Poor Howard” Stith and Mike “Bullfrog” Rogers bring alive the blues
tradition that originated in the Mississippi delta region in the early 20th
century. Exposed to the music of Leadbelly, at an early age, Howard
carries on that booming, but intricate, 12-string guitar style of the 1930ʼs.
He also plays steel guitar in the “bottleneck” style made popular by Son
House and Robert Johnson. Mike Rogers draws his harmonica style from
the playing of Sonny Terry, and although he has mastered many styles
from folk to country, he captures perfectly the southern country blues of
the depression. Together, they bring alive this important era of southern
music. Songs are also punctuated with folk humor and one-liners to keep
the audience amused.
April 16, 2016
In recent years Evans has written and released 3 original EPs and a full-length album, and has traveled with her music across the
United States – from Portland to Nashville, New Orleans to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. Marina has performed in London
and in Italy as well, where she wrote, recorded, and co-produced her two records The Tuscan Sessions and Unbound with Italian
guitarist and producer Bernardo Baglioni.

Her unique sound and powerful stage presence have earned her opening sets for such legends as Judy Collins, Jonathan Edwards,
Loudon Wainwright III, and Ellis Paul; she has also been honored with two consecutive nominations for Female Performer of the Year
at the New England Music Awards (2014 and 2015). A bold, honest performer, clever lyricist, and a dedicated songwriter, Marina Evans
is a star on the rise whose songs and spirit are not to be missed.
                             Lenny Solomon

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Lenny Solomon's style has been compared to
early Bob Dylan, Guy Clark, and Jerry Jeff Walker. Solomon began his
career in the late 1960s. A fixture at the now defunct Idler Coffeehouse
in Harvard Square, Cambridge, he regularly performed there on Friday
nights for over eight years. The Idler was a training ground for songwriters
such as Geoff Bartley, Paul Rishell, Spider John Koerner, and Ric Ocasek.
During these years as a solo performer he shared bills with many touring
performers including Chris Smither, Carolyn Hester, Bonnie Raitt, and
Spider John. For many years music lay in the background of his life.

From the 1980s through the mid-1990s, Solomon continued to write songs,
but rarely performed in public. He chose rather to raise his family and
work in environmental research at Harvard University. From 1978 though
2009 he managed a research program that investigated ozone depletion in
the stratosphere and more general climate change issues. In 1997 Solomon
got back into performing and formed a folk/country band appropriately
enough called Solomon. Performing his original material, Solomon has
released one EP and four CDs. The full length albums are available on his

In addition to being a popular solo artist, Lynne can currently be found having a blast bass guitar in her punk band, Halo and the
Harlots and playing upright electric bass in roots/alt/country-rock band, Liz Frame and the Kickers! One thing is certain; whether
playing her own material or supporting others, Lynne Taylor has a sound and spirit that is instantly recognizable and all her own!
These days, Adam can be found vibing out solo, or with full band 2ADAM12.  His solo show is always entertaining, with Adam making up
songs on the spot with words from the audience, doing on-the-fly guitar, vocal, and percussion loop arrangements, or simply
delivering the message of an original tune or eclectic cover. The full band (2ADAM12) presents some of the finest players in the
Greater Boston area, with pieces ranging from the standard four to the gargantuan eight.  No matter the line-up, an Adam Payne
show is surely one to remember.  So who is Adam Payne? He’ll make you dance, make you smile, and help you with your homework all
in one day. He’s the Northeast’s resident father of Soul Rock and he’s coming to a venue near you.
                         Sylvan Roots

Sylvan Roots sings and plays American Roots music, songs beloved by folks
of all ages.

Preserving and presenting authentic American Roots music, Sylvan Roots
further enhances their performance with artistically arranged
interpretations of American standards and traditional folk songs like: Hank
Williams’ “Jambalaya,” Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land,”  
Elizabeth Cotten’s “Freight Train,” and many others.  And they tell the
fascinating stories that go with them.

Folks all around New England have enjoyed their performances and have
written these comments: “They’re wonderful!” “Great music and stories,
love this group!”  “Upbeat, great music performed very well,” “Great
voices and talent,” “An exceptional group engaging the audience for a fun

Find their music and more at: